We need your crazy political events!
As you know, the political animals are, at times, a corrupt bunch, full of horse trading and shifty election practices. but when it comes to corruption we know even the most opportunistic orangutans and self-serving sloths cannot beat the ingenuity of you humans. The question remains, however, which human country is number one in political chicanery?

Do YOU think that your country is number one? Are you aware of any (gasp!) corruption in the country that you live in? Any scandalous back-room deals, shady goings-on, blatant lying and outright bribery that would put Brexit, Chavismo, or Watergate to shame? Or perhaps you may know of that rarest of unicorns, a political candidate that actually used political acumen and elbow grease instead of shady business to win an election?

Either way, the Political Animals dev team want to hear all about it, because we are going to stuff the game full of as many real-world-influenced examples of crazy political events as possible. To tell us about the wild and wooly political events where you live, just type the details in the box below and hit the button. Feel free to add links to any news articles to elaborate on your examples.

Mousey thanks you for exposing corruption.
Croccy thanks you for the good ideas.
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